Celtic Braes Farm, LLC Romneys
Whitewater, WI
We have several Romney Sheep all
registered with the American Romney
Breeders Association.  

We are breeding to improve fleece
quality for hand spinners and to
provide product to local artisans.


Check our news page for updates!


Purebred breeding stock
- Ram Lambs/ Young Stock
- Ewe Lambs/ Occasional
- Older breeding stock

Raw Fleeces are shorn in the

Roving processed by a local mill
into a beautiful ready to spin or
use product.

Yarn of various weight.
We have decided to focus on fleece quality and will have several
breeding stock available this summer for new homes. In order to
continue to move forward with our goals we will have a fairly consistent
rotation of new flock members. Nothing is wrong with these lovely girls
usually I've just decided to keep a daughter and have to free up space
in the flock.
We have several Natural Colored ewes available!! All ARBA registered
out of well known fleece flocks.  Will produce lovely fleeces and lambs
We also have 1 yearling ram and 1 ram lamb which are looking for
breeding homes. Contact us for information.

Romneys originated in the marshy area of Kent England.  It's these origins
that lead to Romney's individual characteristics, they are resistant to foot rot,
and the fleece will remain healthy in harsh weather.  This breed is a true dual
purpose breed and can be found in every type of farming atmosphere.  Once
weaned the Romney lambs can be turned out on to pasture to finish maturing,
it is here they convert pasture to lean, high quality carcasses with heavy
hanging weights that usually grade prime or choice.  Romney meat is mild and
delicate in taste even in older lambs.  The fleece is lustrous, with minimal
cross fibers with a high yield and easily spun.  Typically the Romney fleece is
the finest in fiber diameter of all the long wooled breeds.  In addition to all
these wonderful traits they are known to be calmer and more level headed then
some other breeds.  If you would like to continue to learn about the history of
the Romney breed I encourage you to check out the
Breeders association!