Enya is expecting! We are so excited to announce this litter! Enya comes to us from a long time reputable breeders McMatt Aussies, Flo & Becky
McDaniel. She is sweet without being over the top, oozing with Aussie breed type, loves my kids, easy to live with, smart and willing! She finished her
Championship in just a few weekends out with Kara at Sterling Show Dogs. We are looking forward to seeing what her and Beckham produce! The
waiting list is forming contact me for additional information or if you have any questions!

We apologize for the long delay we have had horrible technical difficulties and after over 3 hours with tech support we are FINALLY able to update the
website again! Yay! Hoping to stay on top of it now! Look for updates coming soon!

We have updated some of our upcoming plans for the aussies. Some new titles and updated some of the girls pages. Our young girls are growing up
and we needed to get them represented!

We have Romney Ram lambs available and a few older stock if you are looking for sheep. We have a few fleeces left from this years shearing and are
making plans for this years breeding season and next years lambs!

Contact us for further information!

It's been too long since I updated the website! I'm working now to get it all up to date! So hang on while I give you the latest info on what's going on
here at Celtic Braes.

You can find dog news at the Aussies home page we are expecting our 2017 litter out of Mercy x Neo. We are excited to see what Neo produces for his
first litter. Contact us if you'd like to be on the waiting list as it is forming now!

Romney sheep! We still have a select few Natural color ewe lambs available for breeding homes. These girls are lovely lovely girls I just can't keep
everyone even if I want too! So I'd love to send them to work for someone else.  I have a yearling ram lamb that I've also decided needs his own flock. I
kept too many of his half sisters and need to move him along. We have 2 yearling ewes again I just need to make room for this years lambs! And One
ram Lamb who could use work elsewhere! Contact me for information on these lovely ARBA registered sheep!

We also have yarn and roving available for wholesale or private use! As well as raw fleeces our fleeces are coated for 6 months out of the year (while
hay is being fed) and the fleeces are processed professionally at the IL woolen mill in Belvidere IL. We get back a very clean product! Contact us for
pricing and shipping information!
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